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Under this site you find a selection of retrospectives of my work.


Dear visitors of my website, dear art lovers, dear art collectors,

Due to social or political reasons some of my artworks I not want to publish in spite my very open mind and my soul want to show them to the world. I had to realize that not all our world has the same spirit ...

I decided some of my very special, some very criticizing works not to publish.  My collectors and friends know them – that’s fore me enough.

The artworld is often like the emperor’s clothes – the man who is blind to see what is going on around him ...

I realized that and consider and choose  very carefully my steps.

Until 2010, I exhibited around the world from China to U.S., but at a certain time I said stop – I am not a mouse running around the cage. From all this big art shows and exhibition – where mostly nothing is behind – I have enough.

I participate with my own show at an event or some very selected one. But in principle I am not interested in that.

This few hundreds of artworks which finally I will paint are for our would like a drop water in the dessert.

My art projects are today really sustainable. My the latest artwork ended finally in a sustainable project like those one for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. The artwork is a puzzle (in spite an important one)  of all what afterwards follow ...

I love our world, I love to paint.  Painting is my life. My artworks are all based on a vision, an inspiration and NOT on commerce, or short-lived values.

At the end of the day I would leave our world some of my expressions, inspirations of myself which energy will reflect me hopefully long time.

JUEL, August 2018