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 002 An old lady is forgotten


(18.9.2015 Basel/Switzerland)


Dear artlovers  all over the world,  

I intended to fill in this blog only what is in relation to my art. But just today I decided to expand  

this circle. An artist nowadays is extremely influenced from everything what happens around him.  

All these impulses what I get from outside build finally my opinion and thinking. That is the result, resp. finally at the end of our days. To what we can look back and what we remain to our loved persons, the family and friends.  We are the contemporary witness. And it is so important in what a country, society and surrounding we are living.  The mass of people respects few elements.     

In the same building, where I have one of my atelier in Basel, was living and 91 years old lady.  

She was living alone, had no husband and no children all her life. But she is a good brain and  

has a good health. With the years she decided to live in a home for old people where they take care of her in the daily life.  She was since years very polite with me, even few years ago she came to  

an exhibition in Basel. Now she left this house and few days later a 40 feet container  

arrived and several men through in a period of 4 days all was she had as property in this container.  I was shocked that nobody had such a relation to her to keep resp. safe something. Especially her father was a photographer and witness of his time. Also she was a photographer. All her photos were thrown away and her past was deleted. That’s very pity. If she would be from a royal or wealthy family they would make with all these thousands of photos a museum.  All personal witnesses are deleted forever at least in material.   

How is it in the art? This to answer is very difficult. There are thousands of artists nowadays and  

in the past. Very few  survive as witness of their time resp. their art. Only after their death  

or even long long years later we can tell yes, his art has survived.  What we consider nowadays  

art – is this really art ? Will this art survive?   

Timeless time

Again I come to one of my old paintings. In spite painted it since a long time the message  

I wanted to transmit is so actual as it was yesterday.   


Many souls are saying that time as a value not exists and only we as human give our life a structure  

to be able to see all events in a chronology way.  A philosopher told once that he has to do many many things in full stress to be able to have then time and relax. Do we not do so in front of our holidays, all has to be finished, be perfect, in order, paid, cleaned, all administration done, even on the way to the airport we phone friends or colleagues with the latest delegation. Sitting in the aircraft – all this hurry flies away and an empty time, a "no time" starts to begin.  We can relax hours without thinking just let us be with the time stream.  I have several artworks in relation to the subject stream – like fish stream over Schanfigg.  We are on the beach – listen the waves and forget our life, our stress, our obligations, we just are in a timeless time.  The timeless time is so good, is so natural, its such a good feeling that we want to be in it as long we can.   

This timeless time I wanted to communicate to the human with my below artwork. I painted it 1993,  

the title was : The time. 


From 1993 until today, 22 years, a long time, a completely full packed time, at least for me.   

Going deeper into the artwork:  

The time structure is mouldable, the eye as mirror of the time is mowing resp. flexible. Time is no compact form, time cannot be caught in a structure.  In hieroglyphics the title. Inside of the mouldable mass is black, grey and white. The universe is in green, yellow and endless.     

With this I want to end my second blog.  


The voice of Juel                            

Basel/Switzerland 18 th September 2015  

We had even no time to put this blog on social network. We have today 7.10.2015-  

the time when we have time to make this action.