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003 In Memoriam HR Giger Switzerland


(20.9.2015 Basel/Switzerland)


Dear artlovers all over the world,

I don’t know what HR Giger would say seeing his statue in the green stuff ( we call this in German 

grüne Rabatte) in the City of Chur in Switzerland.  However and how long this statue would be there – is this a honourable place ? Judge it and go to see if ever you are able to do that. Any comments I would appreciate on my e-mail.  It is now some months more as a year ago  that Giger died.

We was and is well known in the glamorous movie wold. As creator of Alien he will be unforgettable.

As artist who was he and what all were his feelings and motivation to create such creations

and pictures?  By all mean he had a great imagination and inner world to create all this unforgettable art. My full respect to him.


When artist meets artist


Few contemporary artists, even more few in the past let open the window to their inner soul to

the public and the contemporary world.   After long fights my soulmate convinced me to start the

present website – in this form and structure we start to create and to fill and enlarge it gradually. I not want that people write about me wrong comments, wrong feelings and simply to write about me what I am not really. My soulmate used to tell me “I am in the write time born due to the airplane.

Nowadays it is possible in few hours to reach the last point of our world. If this is now the last

corner of China or an unknown place somewhere in our world. “ I am telling :” I am born in the write time do to the internet resp. the unlimited communication and information and consequently

free opinion at least in our part of the world ”. In some subjects we are living in the last

century but in the communication network we are arrived. Arrived in a way that I, JUEL artist from

Switzerland can any time communicate to the global community whatever I want to say.

At least in our part of the world, this free opinion allow me to tell who I am, what are the reasons

of my activity,  the creativity of my painting and the message of it.  People can go to my site, and

slowly but surely it will be filled with part of my world. This world is living in freedom and wants

to communicate in freedom his messages.


What would say the old  masters if they would have such an opportunity ? Are we not so rich in

possibilities and expressions ? But why in spite of this freedom  a large part of the contemporary

art is without soul, message and inner energy ? Write me, communicate with me – also

this is one of my purposes to open this blog on my website. Tell me your opinion, ask me what

ever is touching you.



Respect to all humans who are in the creation process


Who ever you are, musicians, committed writers, painters, I invite you to communicate with

me because I am convinced we can change the world, even we are small ants. But with our energy and as a global energy we can make our world to a better place. If we reach this goal our being has a sense.  It is not the value, the price, the money, what will remember us, but our reached unique and common  goals will be unforgettable.


With this I want to end my third  blog.


The voice of Juel                            

Basel/Switzerland 20 th September 2015


We had even no time to put this blog on social network. We have today 7.10.2015-

the time when we have time to make this action.