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001  Better to close the tongue as to speak one lie 

(15.09.2015 Basel/Switzerland)



Dear artlovers  all over the world,

this is my first blog. Some of my friends convinced me to be more present in the world wide web and not follow the old communication models.  

New in #Neuland

To be honest I am an artist and have not the time to spend hours and hours in the web. This would completely trouble my creativity. On the other hand it is so clear that nowadays more and more people communicate only over the web.  I have a soulmate who loves and understands my art and this person in the shadow will be my intermediator.  Not one word will be written, that I not know or not accept.

But I think that you, dear art lover will agree with me, to concentrate full time in the creation of my art. This is the only thing I really can do, I love and live for it and will do it until the end of my days.

I realized that to communicate over a blog is the best window to me. Even Facebook  and Twitter are very changeable, they can never in all this short sentences, bring over to you my art.

Out of the ivory tower?

At the time I was exhibiting some of my artwork in Shanghai/China several art professors came to me. The common denominator from then was – you are so variable in your art. There are some artists in China always using the same subject. Their talks were touching me very much. I never had thought about the differences in my art. But it is correct, each artwork is a story itself and in principle could be painted about it all the time. But I have not the time for that. Too many things go though me and want to come on the surface.  If I concentrate on one subject only all these many feelings, inspirations cannot be expressed to the human. And this is what I want. I paint for the public in sense to be seen. I cannot write my thinking and feelings, but I can paint them.


On the other hand, is it right for a painter to live in his ivory tower? I cannot answer for that. I only know, if I not live in it I cannot survive.

I have seen in the TV all this poor refugees  from Syria,  with whom I have all my empathy, I think, may be some times one of my artwork can trouble a small part of the world and this is beside my personal charity, the most I can do in my life.  

Retrospektive: "Lüge oder Wahrheit"


I want to end this blog with an artwork.  For sure they are much more better and spectacular artworks I painted but in 1993 I painted “Lüge oder Warheit” – the title means in English : Lie or truth.

So many people are lying in the world. From the politicians to the normal persons. With the lie the want to give other persons, a picture, a thinking, a feeling of them, what they not are or what would help them to reach certain goals.  With my artwork I want to remember them to close better the tongue and to remain in silence as to show a picture what is far from them.  This title I painted in hieroglyphics, what I use since long years to paint resp. sign the title on my artwork.  

Yellow as symbol of mental vitality, warmness, brainpower, spirit, sublimation of thinking,orange as symbol of transformation/metamorphosis, red for blood and love, turquois  the coldest of all colours and symbol of communication,  black is the symbol of sorrow. In the centre you find a circle in white. White is no colour, white is a condition, purity, perfection, light. I think the rest of your feelings must come when you enter deeper in the deadline of my advice resp. into my artwork.


I want to suggest all humans better to close the tongue as to speak one lie.  


The voice of Juel       


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